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Shygost's public lessons

Shygost is currently running a series of publicly funded Go lessons on KGS. Details on these lessons can be found on Shygost's page on Sensei's Library. You can contribute to these lessons by Shygost via paypal. If you find these lessons useful, and wish for them to continue, feel free to give as much (or as little) as you like -- remember, it is completely voluntary.

Shygost also provides private lessons on KGS. If you are interested in this, please send him an email or send him a message via KGS.

The following are records of the lessons, so that those people unable to make the lesson can go thru them themselves. The following items are available for download for each lesson.

Back in action!!!

Arm is better now, not 100%, but usable! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to record and transcribe these lessons whilst I was unable to! I'm aiming to catch up on all the lessons that I've missed in the next few weeks.

New lesson time!

Shygost has moved the Tuesday lesson to Saturday, which is an awkward time for me. If you are able to either record the lesson, or make a transcribed version, either would be great, and I'ld be happy to host them here.

Number Overview Original SGF Transcribed SGF Audio Notes
1 Finding moves in the opening lesson-01.sgf lesson-01t.sgf lesson-01.mp3  
2 Finding moves in the opening lesson-02.sgf lesson-02t.sgf lesson-02.mp3  
3 Basic moves vs Change moves lesson-03.sgf lesson-03t.sgf lesson-03.mp3  
4 Basic moves vs Change moves lesson-04.sgf lesson-04t.sgf lesson-04.mp3 Transcription in process...
5 Power of little moves lesson-05a.sgf lesson-05t.sgf lesson-05.mp3 Audio is very poor
    lesson-05b.sgf     Thanks to the Anonymous transcriber for this lesson!
6   lesson-06b.sgf lesson-06t.sgf lesson-06.mp3  
7 Joseki lesson-07.sgf lesson-07t.sgf lesson-07.mp3  
8 Invasions lesson-08.sgf lesson-08t.sgf lesson-08.mp3 Thanks to NannyOgg for this transcription!
9 Invasions lesson-09.sgf lesson-09t.sgf lesson-09.mp3  
10   lesson-10.sgf lesson-10t.sgf lesson-10.mp3  

If you find any problems in the transcribed SGFs, please leave me a note at http://senseis.xmp.net/?Shygost/Lessons.